The High Spot of the Choir’s year! The Town Hall Concert!

All the hard work – negotiating, planning and rehearsing – distilled into a couple of hours on the concert stage of Huddersfield Town Hall. It always succeeds in the end but, nevertheless, it’s always nerve racking!

This year was no exception and had the added variable of the Choir’s first venture into Jazz! Would the audience respond to something different? And promoting a Jazz band in the middle of Marsden Jazz Festival? Brave or Foolhardy? That question was answered by healthy pre-concert ticket sales exceeding 500. All the Choir had to do was deliver their repertoire and let The Temperance Seven add their own inimitable style to the evenings proceedings.

A confident Choir performed it’s first set, starting with a Male Voice favourite, Llanfair. The Temperance Seven, with years of performance skills behind them, were instantly into their stride. The audience sat back and soaked up the show! A new experience for many but accepted with relish. Jazz from the Twenties and Thirties played with absolute confidence and the thread of humour holding it all together. Was this the first time a roll of parcel tape had been ‘played’ on the Town Hall stage? Probably!

Grand Finale!

Thanks to Mike we also have some video of our performance.

Click here to see the Choir in Performance Mode!