After 5 minutes of the afternoon rehearsal with The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain we knew we were in for a good time and how they delivered, making this our best ever Town Hall concert.
It’s not just the easy-going style of the musicians but the humorous interjections between them.
In reality, the nonchalant attitude of, Richie Williams, David Suich, Will Grove-White, Hester Goodman, Peter Brooke Turner, Jonty Bankes, Leisa Rea and Ben Rouse has taken over 30 years of hard work to link the eight different instruments.
Miraculously they manage to play and sing many different songs at the same time and make it look easy, For Once in My Life is combined seamlessly with tunes such as My Way, Born Free, and others.
The Russian/Cossack/James Bond variation of Leaning on a Lamp-post by George Formby in a joint item with the choir was equally impressive.
Their singing is equal to their Ukulele playing and, on one occasion, they even sang without accompaniment and you could hear every word.
Their jokes, horrendously bad, are not equal to their musical virtuosity, which makes them funnier still.
A great night in the Town Hall for everyone and a thoroughly deserved standing ovation.